Aid Worker

Hamish has served on the front lines of some of the world's worst natural disasters; working with humanitarian organisations tackling South-Asia's Tsunami, Myanmar's cyclone and Pakistan's earthquake. He has been awarded the Queen's Ebola Medal for his work on Sierra Leone's 2014 Ebola Crisis.

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Conflict & Stabilisation Adviser

His work has taken him to the war zones of Darfur, Congo, South Sudan, Somalia and beyond, working with the British Government and military organisations such as the US Marine Corps and NATO's Allied Rapid Reaction Corps. In 2010 he received the ISAF Civilian Campaign Medal for his work in Afghanistan. He is currently working with the UK and US governments to help tackle violent extremism in East Africa.


In 2006, he co-founded Impact International's Relief and Development Group to help relief agencies operate more effectively. He co-launched Wasafiri in 2010, a think-tank and consultancy helping leaders and organisations tackle tough problems such as conflict and climate change.

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Inspired by distant peaks and wild places, Hamish can often be found climbing or motorbiking (occasionally hiking, bicycling or sailing) off the beaten track. His adventures are usually accompanied by close friends and often sprinkled with a healthy dose of naiveté. His most recent expedition saw he and a good mate complete a very dusty 10,000km journey from Kenya to Cape Town on a pair of very battered motorcycles. 

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