One of my most challenging leadership adventures has been founding an organisation to tackle some of Africa’s toughest problems - from conflict to climate change.

Wasafiri Consulting

Driving change in Africa

Hamish helped established Wasafiri Consulting in 2010 to help unlock Africa's potential, by tackling some of the continent's toughest problems. Since it's founding, some of Wasafiri's work has included;

  • Catalysing private sector investment into African agriculture
  • Generating new approaches to counter violent extremism in East Africa
  • Supporting effective community engagement by the extractives industry in Kenya
  • Establishing a new organisational strategy for tackling HIV in Southern Africa

The Wasafiri Institute

Tackling complex global issues

Hamish is now helping launch the Wasafiri Institute to deepen thinking and expand its practice of helping leaders and organisations more effectively tackle complex global issues; from transforming markets to fighting social inequality to preventing conflict.

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