You have truly inspired our global client leaders to think beyond their current frame and elevate their game. Bravo!


Tailored leadership seminars and advisory services.

Hamish provides a range of speaking and advisory services tailored to help generate powerful new insights and approaches for leaders tackling tough problems across all industries;

  • Keynote presentations and seminars
  • Senior leadership coaching
  • Team performance workshops
  • Strategic advisory
  • Digital media-based support and mentoring

Powerful approaches for leading in complex times.

Hamish is inspired by working with leaders across the globe on the front line of complex issues, whether they serve in the boardroom, work on the shop floor, are building a social enterprise or managing an aid programme.

His experiences on the front lines of war and disaster offer unparalleled insight into the realities of leadership in some of today’s most challenging environments. His approach draws from having worked across across the corporate, military, government and non-profit worlds, having led humanitarian aid operations, post-conflict stabilisation missions and corporate change initiatives.

The impact you made on all of us was incredible. Thank you for sharing your experience and thoughts with us… What an inspirational speech.
— Morella Carta, Director for Learning & Development ~ Experian
You received a 5 out of a possible 5 from every single participant on the programme! Comments ranged from ‘outstanding’, ‘engaging’ to ‘impactful’.
— Suzy Truckle, Learning and Development Director ~ PepsiCo